Voice Recording Apps are so essential these days. Remembering the popular saying “Walk the Talk” people sometimes forget what they said or intentionally change what they talked.

Call Recorders in Android are a big lifesaver for many of us today. In Business world, it makes sure that all the promises and word-based transactions are recorded and kept for your reference anytime you need.

Personally, one important feature i miss from my iPhone is, this Call Recording feature. Android users are so lucky to have it. I hope iOS 13 brings such feature either built-in or allows it as a separate stock application.

Alright, let’s see the list of Call Recording Apps for Android mobile phones.

Easy Voice Recorder

I suggest this particularly for students, Why?. It allows you to record the class lectures crystal clearly. So that students can able to listen to those lectures anytime anywhere. Capture interviews and meetings from your Smartphone/ Smart Watches. Try new idea of choosing the candidates.

Quickly switch between Voicenote/ Meetings. For many users, the main problem is the storage but here you can compress your work and save your space. Start a new recording quickly with the background widgets. As I said, share between platforms is so easy. It has a light and dark theme for theme lovers.

Skyro Voice Recorder

Crystal clear audio recording, I love the most is the User Interference for easy of browsing recordings. better organization for recordings, you can tag your list as Personal/ Work etc. Best thing I have ever seen is the location tag, helps you to find the location also. Backup your data on DropBox helps you to not lose the data even when your phone crashes or Runs out of battery. customize the recorder and experience the themes in it. As I said the sharing is amazing and allows you to compress the file.

Voice Recorder HD

It’s a fully power packed recorder for android devices with a stunning UI for the businessman. Longtime recordings with High Quality, Background recording helps you to use other apps while recording. You can configure the quality of the audio as Low, Medium and High. Email sharing, Dropbox sharing also available. I recommended this for the External Mic spec which helps you to record long distance sound.

Hope you guys got some ideas about Voice Recorders

Thank you!!!

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